The Shorebirds Trust has an initial focus on the Mangawhai to Pākiri Coastline.

The Trust has established the Te Ārai Ecological Sanctuary which aims to conserve and enhance the biodiversity health of the Te Ārai area.

They carry out and support predator control and partner with other conservation organisations to help make informed decisions on having a positive impact on the recovery of the Tara Iti (NZ Fairy Tern) and other endangered species. This includes research and teaching collaboration with Massey University and supporting DoC’s NZFT Recovery Group efforts and the University of Canterbury in Tara Iti genetic research.
In collaboration with Boffa Miskell and Tara Iti Golf Club, the Shorebirds Trust received grant funding from Rodney Local Board and Foundation North to develop a comprehensive plan for a Predator Control buffer zone from Mangawhai to Pākiri north.

This plan is currently being implemented from Black Swamp to Te Arai. The future plans include extending the predator control area south to Pakiri North, incorporating also the land behind the Te Ara Links golf courses under development.


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