Pest Free Leigh is a community group seeking to restore biodiversity in our local region by controlling invasive pests. 

Leigh is the closest point of mainland New Zealand to Te Hauturu-o-Toi/ Little Barrier Island nature reserve, forming an important first landfall for species dispersing from the island.  The local region hosts a wide diversity of native fauna, including a number of threatened species such as kororā (little penguin), kaka, ōi (grey-faced petrel) and ornate skinks.

Since the Pest Free Leigh project launched in October 2020, around half of our local residents have joined the initiative by maintaining a rat trap in their backyard.  The group record and map catch rates across our community on a monthly basis, to build a picture of pest hotspots.

As the project develops, Pest Free Leigh plans to increase pest control across the surrounding region, to form a protective network of trapping around our village.  The mahi is underway, but there is still plenty to do.  Volunteers welcome!


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