Tamahunga trappers

Tamahunga Trappers was initially formed in January 2010, when a group of locals recognised the potential for an ecological restoration project at Tamahunga and began a trapping program, focusing on mustelids (ferrets, stoats and weasels).

Tamahunga Trappers’ vision is to restore the natural ecosystems of the maunga and to encourage enjoyment and appreciation of the bush by the community.

The Tamahunga Trappers relies on a network of volunteers, as well as donations and sponsorship. The main focus of their work is pest control – servicing and maintaining a network of traps around the maunga. As of 2022 the group have 8 trap lines with over 225 traps within the Tamahunga forest.

The reduction in predators has allowed many bird species to begin to recover. A major goal for the group is to begin translocating North Island brown kiwi to the forest. Look to have the first translocation in 2023; returning kiwi after an absence of  40 years.

For more information about getting involved with the Tamahunga Trappers, contact Nicole at tamahungatrappers@hotmail.co.nz.


Tamahunga Trappers Inc. Society

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