Ōmaha Shorebird Protection Trust is a local community organisation whose mission is to help protect the shorebirds and their habitat on the Ōmaha Spit.

Omaha Shorebird Protection Trust projects include extending a predator-proof fence at the northern end of the spit which in association with the irreplaceable food source of the Whangateau Harbour creating a shorebird sanctuary.

Shorebirds using the Omaha Spit include New Zealand dotterels, banded dotterels and variable oystercatchers together with migratory birds such as godwits. Fairy Terns have also been sighted, possibly seeking nesting sites should their population increase.

The Omaha Shore Bird Protection Group carries out pest animal control and shorebird monitoring.


Ōmaha Shorebird Protection Trust
Website – Omaha Shore Birds
Email – info@omahashorebirds.co.nz