Here are some of Cam Speedys key points on improving predator interaction with your traps, thanks to Predator Free NZ for sharing this information

  • Well maintained traps help reduce non-lethal encounters (which create trap shy animals) 
  • Fold the mesh at the entrance
  • Scuff around the trap to create interest
  • Pre feed ‘Hansel and Gretel trails’ of raw mutton fat – smear it on and around your trap.  1/3 in the trap, 1/3 on and around the trap, and 1/3 scattered further away from the trap
  • Promote your traps with scented flour blazing using this recipe
  • Flipping Timmy and Flipping Kitty traps can be found by contacting Enviro Tools  
  • BT200 traps for stoats and rats that Cam recommended can be sourced here
  • Create a ‘possum nightclub’ by prefeeding and luring during mating season (March/April and September/October)
  • Freshly caught animals make great lures
  • Drag your stoat/rabbit paunch around your trapping lines to create a scent trail
  • Change your approach if it isn’t working – overused tools become ineffective and blunt.  

Some of you may find our Starters Guide to predator control on farms (written by Cam) interesting.  We’ve also got a ‘Guide to predator control on Lifestyle Blocks’ in the works so keep an eye out for that.  Cam also talked a lot about the videos in the Cacophony Project, we recommend you sign up for their newsletter.  

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